First Blogpost: Welcome to FéLorën!

Welcome, dear reader, dear portal traveler, dear adventurer, to the world of FéLorën!

You found me. I don’t know how, but you are here. Please, make yourself at home. There is a cold chill to the air, can you feel it? A storm is coming. Yes, so make yourself comfortable, pull up a chair by the fire and kick your feet up. This website, this portal, much like FéLorën, is as fragile as a whisper… yet it caught your ear and I could not be more intrigued to find you here.  I; am Galemine Gremn. No one in particular, really, just an old fool. An old fool who fell upon the awareness of an ancient world; an ancient wisdom. Yes, FéLorën is more than just a land, it is a way of life. It is that which cannot be named, not by any conventional, modern language. Sure, one can make an effort. If you want to take it literally, then it means Unified Land. Unity. Land. Just words, really. But the depth of their meaning, the origin of their creation. “Fe”: Unity. “Loren”: Land… it is so much more. Our modern language is hogwash. It lacks a certain flair, a certain romanticism, a certain depth. Ah, yes, depth. Depth of what, you ask? Depth of mind. Depth of perception.  See, in the language of FéLorën, Unity and Land are words that represent more than our modern labels can conceive. Unity is connectedness. Connectedness to one another, like waves of an ocean, as Erramond the Wise stated. This is where perception comes in to play. Are you a wave that believes you are separate from the other waves around you, or are you the ocean? And by ocean are you the surface of that ocean, where the current is tumultuous and unpredictable, or are you the calm depths of the deep, where all is still? Hmm, or are you both? Or is there really an ocean at all? Unity, you see, “Fe”, is all this and more. “Loren,” or land. Is not “land” as our modern interpretation has limited us. No, “Loren” is being; form, spawned by consciousness aware of itself. Playing, shifting, ever changing, ever coming… ever going.  The land is our surface awareness. Oh, you thought the land was the trees? The mountains? Or perhaps you thought the land was that comfy corner where you have made your home? I see. Or do I? Careful of our perceptions we must be. Careful of our judgements and the limitations of our awareness.

Let’s play on the surface of the ocean a bit, shall we? It is, after all, where the excitement happens. FéLorën, as world, is a place where miraculous lifeforms have found a home, it is a world that existed long before our own; a world of magic, a world of Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and Goblins.  A world of adventure. It is unknown to almost everyone at the time that I write this. Are you one of the first, dear wanderer? A pioneer, perhaps, exploring the frontiers? I take it you are aware that the world is round and the faster you go the faster you get back to that place from wince you came.  A pioneer of space and time? No, you crave something much deeper than that, I can tell things about people, you know. Fool, as I may be. I know a thing or two about a thing or two. And you, dear traveler; you are pioneering somewhere much more enthralling, much more important. It began with the mind, and oh, what a painful place that can be. We are but moths to a flame on our journey, I know, I know. I could show you some extraordinary burns. But here we are, and the mind does not bring you here. No, the mind is too envious and demanding to willingly allow you to stray as you have. No, you gave up the mind. You are in search of what is beyond the mind, a pioneer of the the space between words, the silence between thought, the being behind your being. Being.

Where was I? Ah, yes… You found me. I don’t know how, but you are here. Stay awhile. Take a look at where my journey has brought me. One wave to another, gently drifting through the sea.