Daylen of Brunhylde

Novel: Daylen of Brunhylde


To be born a wizard is to be born into a life of servitude, to be a pawn under a king’s control. Daylen has chosen otherwise, to live as a rogue wizard. 

However, a life of freedom will come at a heavy price. History has shown he is destined to live a life in hiding, forever on the run, and to have his life cut short at the hands of a Mageslayer. Perhaps the worst outcome of all, is the likelihood that he would never realize his full potential or ever feel at home in the world.

Unbeknownst to Daylen, Fate has other
plans. Whispers of a long-forgotten path
and the opportunity for Mastery will reveal
itself. The way will be arduous, the sacrifice
extraordinary, but it is the only way to unlock his full potential. It is the way of virtue, the way to awakening… 

The way of FéLorën.

Rahlen's Letter:

Interview w/ Tellest: